Why truckers tie stuffed animals to their trucks

Every now and then you see cute little teddies lashed to a truck, why?

Basically, because.

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The connection between modern apartments and Roman homes

During Rome’s cultural, political, and military peak, the city was thriving and had a population of over one million. To be able to house those people, Roman engineers came up with yet another brilliant idea:

The predecessor to today’s apartment blocks.

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“Friday” on a Monday: A look at Rebecca Black

In 2011, Rebecca Black moved an entire nation at a deeper level than ever-before though possible with her hit song, “Friday.” As a refresher, listen to the song here:

Well, it turns out that she’s really grown up to be a pretty cool person.

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Being stupid can be a good thing

Stupid is the source of all creative ideas.

Take a look:


The upside and downside to a one-minute time machine

Given all of the mistakes that we make in our day to day life, sometimes we wish that we had the ability to go back in time just a few seconds to smooth over all of those awkward moments.

This comedic short film shows you why that’s a bad idea.

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Driving a car that’s on fire

Most drivers know that once a car starts burning, it’s time to get out, run away, and call in the cavalry.

Most drives. Not Zaron Burnett. Follow along as takes his cooking Volvo around in a desperate rush to extinguish his own fire.

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