The reason we unfriend people on Facebook

Social media is a hot mess. Every single day we have people dumping their opinions at others who may or may not care.

And by people, that includes you and me.

So if we all do it, what makes the difference between someone we keep and dump? And more importantly, who is going to dump us from their friends list?

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How to win at Instagram

Instagram is one of those apps that most of us use but most of us use incorrectly. Believe it or not, there are certain ways to play the system to get more likes. Some of those ways involve taking better pictures and others involve some strategy.

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The unique struggles of first-generation college students

College is a major life milestone, but for first generation students the snares of terminology, deadlines, and living essentials are often too well-covered. As a first-generation student myself, I can attest to some (but not all) of the culture shocks that this person discovered during her first few months of college.

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Why salad basically sucks

It’s not that it’s rabbit food or that it’s the food our food eats, despite Ron Swanson’s best efforts to convince us otherwise. It’s all to do with that fact that salads are inefficient. They’re water sucks with little nutrients–and there are way better ways to eat vegetables.

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The connection between modern apartments and Roman homes

During Rome’s cultural, political, and military peak, the city was thriving and had a population of over one million. To be able to house those people, Roman engineers came up with yet another brilliant idea:

The predecessor to today’s apartment blocks.

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It’s all just social norms after all

There has been much conversation about women and body image in recent years, and it all seems to be reaching a new high in 2016. But what happens when you take one nation’s beauty standards and apply it to the same image? How does each country reflect its perceptions of beauty and what fits in each bucket?

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The story arc of our lives

As a competent schoolteacher would teach, narratives have a beginning, a rising action, a climax, a falling action, and a conclusion. That is what we call a narrative arc, and it lies at the heart of all good fiction and most good nonfictional biographies.

However, in our own lives the events don’t always happen in that order. So what does that mean for our stories?

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