Why truckers tie stuffed animals to their trucks

Every now and then you see cute little teddies lashed to a truck, why?

Basically, because.

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The right way to board a plane

Flying is already a total nightmare between the long lines at check-in and security, the obstructive and intrusive security checks that hardly do anything to protect flyers apart from giving them a false sense of security are terrible. Then come the boarding lines.

But what if I told you there was a better way to get on an airplane?

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When a lawn lands you in jail

A huge part of the American Dream is that of owning a home with a lawn and of keeping it green and beautiful. One thing that surely isn’t a part of it is landing in jail because of an unkempt lawn in some kind of twisted modernization of a debtor’s prison.

So what is it about lawns that keeps the imagination alive? And what began the entire madness in the first place?

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It’s all just social norms after all

There has been much conversation about women and body image in recent years, and it all seems to be reaching a new high in 2016. But what happens when you take one nation’s beauty standards and apply it to the same image? How does each country reflect its perceptions of beauty and what fits in each bucket?

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Why Argentine teens wear US Confederate flags

The Confederate flag has been a source of controversy in the United States in recent times; a debate that was kicked off by shootings in Charleston, SC in 2015. However, things are different in Argentina. There, anyone who anybody wears this brand:


is cool.


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The story of how one man, given up for adoption, found his birth mother

After World War Two, many soldiers returned home from war and got married–and subsequently pregnant, giving rise to the Baby Boomer Generation.For the most part, that generation led conventional lives, but before Roe vs. Wade, the lives of some returning veterans, their wives, and their children took a turn down an entirely different path.

Take, for example, the story of a woman named Helen, a young woman from Georgia:

A young nursing student working at a notorious mental hospital meets an alcoholic patient, a scarred World War II combat Marine. She falls in love, but when she tells him she’s pregnant with his child, he abandons her and she’s forced to give up her first baby for adoption. After grueling hours of labor and childbirth, she never gets to hold her baby or even lay eyes on him.

~Helen, a documentary film

This is her story.

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