In defense of offensive speech

Offensive and provoking speech has been proliferating in our current political climate. Here’s a defense of that offensive and provoking speech.

Source: BBC News


China’s citizen scores are a dangerous reminder of the freedom we need to protect in the US

With the election of Donald Trump, people in the US and abroad began to worry about the effects of Trump executing on his campaign promises. Even before his election, there were claims that Trump was a fascist and that his ideas did not respect human rights.

But what China was considering implementing was even worse–and should serve as a reminder of what the world is dealing with both at home and abroad.

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When a lawn lands you in jail

A huge part of the American Dream is that of owning a home with a lawn and of keeping it green and beautiful. One thing that surely isn’t a part of it is landing in jail because of an unkempt lawn in some kind of twisted modernization of a debtor’s prison.

So what is it about lawns that keeps the imagination alive? And what began the entire madness in the first place?

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Architecture can’t be used as a form of riot control, can it?

Around the world, and especially around the US, Brutalist architecture took hold in the 1960s, leading to a boom in brutalist buildings around college campuses especially.

Then, somewhere around the line came the theory that the buildings were built in college campuses to help control student riots. The buildings sure look like they can be used for that purpose.

But were they really designed with student protest in mind?

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Why Argentine teens wear US Confederate flags

The Confederate flag has been a source of controversy in the United States in recent times; a debate that was kicked off by shootings in Charleston, SC in 2015. However, things are different in Argentina. There, anyone who anybody wears this brand:


is cool.


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Why the US Coast Guard still uses a Nazi-built ship

There’s a mutual agreement that Nazis are bad. But Nazis also happened so many years ago that their direct legacy is beginning to fade. However, at the US Coast Guard, recruits are trained on a ship that was built and fought for Adolf Hitler himself.

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