Red Delicious apples are bad

And you should feel bad for liking them. Then again, how did things get like this?

Surely they weren’t always this flavorless, were they?

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The Happiest Place on Earth on 9/11

September 11th was a trying time in American history. With all attention on the gruesome loss of life, the daring acts of heroism, and the incredible feats performed by all parties, we forget that life continued. People had to react to the events.

Here’s what happened at Walt Disney World.

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Architecture can’t be used as a form of riot control, can it?

Around the world, and especially around the US, Brutalist architecture took hold in the 1960s, leading to a boom in brutalist buildings around college campuses especially.

Then, somewhere around the line came the theory that the buildings were built in college campuses to help control student riots. The buildings sure look like they can be used for that purpose.

But were they really designed with student protest in mind?

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Design before Photoshop

Photoshop and other desktop publishing and design tools completely revolutionized the way that we see the world. By making it more accessible, society’s design-consciousness grew to such a level that now everyone has an opinion on it.

But what was it like before Photoshop? Surely it can’t be that difficult, right?

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The story of how one man, given up for adoption, found his birth mother

After World War Two, many soldiers returned home from war and got married–and subsequently pregnant, giving rise to the Baby Boomer Generation.For the most part, that generation led conventional lives, but before Roe vs. Wade, the lives of some returning veterans, their wives, and their children took a turn down an entirely different path.

Take, for example, the story of a woman named Helen, a young woman from Georgia:

A young nursing student working at a notorious mental hospital meets an alcoholic patient, a scarred World War II combat Marine. She falls in love, but when she tells him she’s pregnant with his child, he abandons her and she’s forced to give up her first baby for adoption. After grueling hours of labor and childbirth, she never gets to hold her baby or even lay eyes on him.

~Helen, a documentary film

This is her story.

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We’re witnessing the death of LOL

Communication in our world has evolved faster than ever-before, and with the creation of emoji and new media of communication those who lost touch of which networks are “cool” also speak differently from others.

Before, most teens used LOL to, obviously, write “Lucifer Our Lord”


But LOL is dying, and it has nothing to do with Beelzebub and everything to do with mom. Which if you’re 14, can sometimes be the same thing.

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