Basically, Google rules all

If this is the information age and if power is defined as having the most and best information, then there is one organization that yields an immense amount of it: Google.

Recently, Google noticed an uptick in search results for solar panels and launched Project Sunroof, a project that uses Google Maps and the search engine and helps consumers determine whether or not solar panels were right for them.

And that may be just the beginning.

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We’re witnessing the death of LOL

Communication in our world has evolved faster than ever-before, and with the creation of emoji and new media of communication those who lost touch of which networks are “cool” also speak differently from others.

Before, most teens used LOL to, obviously, write “Lucifer Our Lord”


But LOL is dying, and it has nothing to do with Beelzebub and everything to do with mom. Which if you’re 14, can sometimes be the same thing.

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