How the Internet Changed Time

A look at how collective memories have become longer thanks to the internet.


What consciousness actually is

We humans have a nasty habit of assuming that consciousness is as simple as a light switch: it’s either on or off. However, reality is much more complicated than that. Scientists have recently discovered that consciousness is less like a light switch and more like the filtering of water through coffee.

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The reason we unfriend people on Facebook

Social media is a hot mess. Every single day we have people dumping their opinions at others who may or may not care.

And by people, that includes you and me.

So if we all do it, what makes the difference between someone we keep and dump? And more importantly, who is going to dump us from their friends list?

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How to win at Instagram

Instagram is one of those apps that most of us use but most of us use incorrectly. Believe it or not, there are certain ways to play the system to get more likes. Some of those ways involve taking better pictures and others involve some strategy.

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Why salad basically sucks

It’s not that it’s rabbit food or that it’s the food our food eats, despite Ron Swanson’s best efforts to convince us otherwise. It’s all to do with that fact that salads are inefficient. They’re water sucks with little nutrients–and there are way better ways to eat vegetables.

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Basically, Google rules all

If this is the information age and if power is defined as having the most and best information, then there is one organization that yields an immense amount of it: Google.

Recently, Google noticed an uptick in search results for solar panels and launched Project Sunroof, a project that uses Google Maps and the search engine and helps consumers determine whether or not solar panels were right for them.

And that may be just the beginning.

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