In defense of offensive speech

Offensive and provoking speech has been proliferating in our current political climate. Here’s a defense of that offensive and provoking speech.

Source: BBC News


The real reason Switzerland stays neutral

The reality is very Game of Thrones

Source: BBC Travel


How the Internet Changed Time

A look at how collective memories have become longer thanks to the internet.


Why trucks have stuffed animals lashed to their fronts

Source: The New York Times


China’s citizen scores are a dangerous reminder of the freedom we need to protect in the US

With the election of Donald Trump, people in the US and abroad began to worry about the effects of Trump executing on his campaign promises. Even before his election, there were claims that Trump was a fascist and that his ideas did not respect human rights.

But what China was considering implementing was even worse–and should serve as a reminder of what the world is dealing with both at home and abroad.

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The psychology behind moving–or not

Moving after graduation is a core cultural element in the United States. Even I changes states from North Carolina to Virginia after graduation. But what’s the driver behind it? And why are fewer and fewer people moving after finishing their studies?

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