Red Delicious apples are bad

And you should feel bad for liking them. Then again, how did things get like this?

Surely they weren’t always this flavorless, were they?

Source: The Atlantic


Why salad basically sucks

It’s not that it’s rabbit food or that it’s the food our food eats, despite Ron Swanson’s best efforts to convince us otherwise. It’s all to do with that fact that salads are inefficient. They’re water sucks with little nutrients–and there are way better ways to eat vegetables.

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Getting eggs safely to you

Eggs are one of the most mundane things in American society–and yet every single person can relate to having an egg crack prematurely. This sad reality has led to many attempts to design solutions to transport eggs en masse but in a way that nothing is lost.

Take a trip back in time to see how the design of the simple egg carton advanced so that you can enjoy your omelette without a care in the world.

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