In defense of offensive speech

Offensive and provoking speech has been proliferating in our current political climate. Here’s a defense of that offensive and provoking speech.

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The power of the uniform

With millennials quickly entering the workplace, uniforms are becoming more and more redundant but for the lower classes. But a uniform carries more than just a type of job; it carries meaning and association.

So how powerful is the impact of uniforms?

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When a lawn lands you in jail

A huge part of the American Dream is that of owning a home with a lawn and of keeping it green and beautiful. One thing that surely isn’t a part of it is landing in jail because of an unkempt lawn in some kind of twisted modernization of a debtor’s prison.

So what is it about lawns that keeps the imagination alive? And what began the entire madness in the first place?

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The story arc of our lives

As a competent schoolteacher would teach, narratives have a beginning, a rising action, a climax, a falling action, and a conclusion. That is what we call a narrative arc, and it lies at the heart of all good fiction and most good nonfictional biographies.

However, in our own lives the events don’t always happen in that order. So what does that mean for our stories?

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