The Happiest Place on Earth on 9/11

September 11th was a trying time in American history. With all attention on the gruesome loss of life, the daring acts of heroism, and the incredible feats performed by all parties, we forget that life continued. People had to react to the events.

Here’s what happened at Walt Disney World.

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What consciousness actually is

We humans have a nasty habit of assuming that consciousness is as simple as a light switch: it’s either on or off. However, reality is much more complicated than that. Scientists have recently discovered that consciousness is less like a light switch and more like the filtering of water through coffee.

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How to win at Instagram

Instagram is one of those apps that most of us use but most of us use incorrectly. Believe it or not, there are certain ways to play the system to get more likes. Some of those ways involve taking better pictures and others involve some strategy.

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The unique struggles of first-generation college students

College is a major life milestone, but for first generation students the snares of terminology, deadlines, and living essentials are often too well-covered. As a first-generation student myself, I can attest to some (but not all) of the culture shocks that this person discovered during her first few months of college.

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Design before Photoshop

Photoshop and other desktop publishing and design tools completely revolutionized the way that we see the world. By making it more accessible, society’s design-consciousness grew to such a level that now everyone has an opinion on it.

But what was it like before Photoshop? Surely it can’t beĀ thatĀ difficult, right?

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A boozy history of the world’s favorite drinks

Liquor is amazing.

Learn about its history and prepare to drop some facts at your next party.

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Why time flies: visualized

It seems that the older we get the shorter the days and months and years seem to be. Where once was January 1st, 2016 is now Christmas–2018.

So why does time seem to be so distorted?

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