Protecting victims, or styming converstaion?

There’s no doubt that rape happens on the university campuses of the world. There’s no doubt that our society has certain mentalities that promote the apathy related to rape and rapists. There’s no doubt that it’s traumatic, and that victims carry a stigma forever.

However, a solution is not that simple–and will require frank words and conversation that does not beat around the bush–especially to change the mentality and culture. There is a line that can’t be crossed. But when the students refuse to engage with these kinds of conversations and would rather stay in their sheltered minds, can we ever really begin to make changes to ourselves and our world?

Once you designate some spaces as safe, you imply that the rest are unsafe. It follows that they should be made safer.

In a critical opinion piece, we see that sometimes those things that scare us most are those that we need to say without pause.

Click to read at: The New York Times


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